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    February 25, 2010


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    I was diagnoased bk in 2010,but since late 90's i allways tought this was normal,until i actually started to have a criminal record for fighting with strangers,for reasons that didn't call for that type of reaction,then i nearly lost took my own life,and dragging my husbsnd and kids down with me...my doc put me on ''zoloft'' and it helped a lil with the dpression,but not the migrains,extream bloating,ect...and i started to have problems responding like a woman towards my husband when we became intamant..so i quit taking it last yr,ang got worse,and just today i started to take it again,but i knw iam gonna start having relation ship problems,i realy don't knw way to do anymore...cant work to help my husband with exspenses,and i have been rejected with disability...


    When we go to school, they never prepare us for the realities of life. It took me over 20 years to figure out that I had a disability called PMDD. Once I educated myself, I was able to at least recognize the signs

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