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    June 14, 2008


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    Hey, Lady, I am currently reading Dr. Robert Sutton's book, The No Asshole Rule - you need to get it if you haven't already. I am recommending it to the new team I'm joining and the manager has promised me that this group will be free of assholes, although full of egos that want to work collaboratively. We'll see, but I am having the same problem right now. Was in Barnes & Noble, and my daughter brought it to me and said, "Mom, you need this book." I opened it up and the chapter was talking directly about what I was going through. A sure sign, so I bought it. The author wrote about this subject in HBR, and guess what, an "accountant" (more like actuary) from our former employer wrote to him. Hang in there and hugs. K


    Hey Karen! I am so happy that you are getting out of that bad team. I really hope your new gig is asshole free. I need to buy the book as I've been on his website, which was actually very funny! xoxoxo A

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