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    May 04, 2008


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    Mike Chapman

    What a great post. Most of my family lives near the Mexican border in Texas and I have grown up with the issue of immigration and the racism surrounding it. As an adult I've been involved in public policy, including a 15 year stint on and around the Capitol in D.C., and learned much more about the history of the issue. We simply, as humans, need to move aggressively to understand all humans as part of the same group. Arbitrary lines shouldn't determine our relationships to each other. I realize this is a long-term goal, so I'm happy that movies like The Visitor help us focus. I like Steve Earle's song, Living in a City of Immigrants too. I especially like the lyric..."everyone is everyone." Thanks for writing this.


    Thanks for the insights, Mike.
    This is an issue I am very passionate about as I am a big believer that people need to be seen as individuals and sterotypes help no one. I remember on 9/11 a colleague telling me we should restrict access to the US to certain people. I had to remind her that it would also incude me. To which she replied, "not people like you."


    What a great post! That movie was really amazing and I am telling everyone to go and see it. Immigration is such an important subject for me also, as I am an immigrant to Aust. and now to the USA - even though I don't have permanent residency yet. I have grown up with the stigma of being an immigrant. My parents have spent the last 34 years lobbying their local member of parliament to allow their relatives to immigrate and join them in Aust. but have been knocked back a bunch of times because Aust. policy is for skilled immigration. Well most of my Aunts/Uncles didn't have the opportunity to go to college, but they are wonderful people. Its been really tough on my family, and for me to see their disappointments.
    This movie really made me think also. And although it made me sad to see how inhumane the system is, I loved the final shot of Walter playing that drum in the subway station! It left me with some hope.

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